Bleeding Knees Club, 25th of November.

If you walked past a long line of girls at the Metro on Sunday, you would’ve found a gem of Australian music in the Lair. Bleeding Knees Club played their second Sydney show of their ‘Let it Go tour’ to an under 18s crowd.

Driffs started off the show. On their facebook page Driffs categorize themselves as Surf pop psychedelia, which perfectly describes their sound and their look. Their music is much more relaxed when compared to the brash and alert music of BKC, more akin to tripping Kings, Tame Impala. The use of alternating vocals was great and the loose energy of the set was invigorating. They were a great ‘lubricator’ for the next couple bands.

Step Panther came on not long after Driffs. Half of the teenage crowd had shown up drunk, which made for an interesting time. Rock trio, Step Panther are a delight. The performance was like organised chaos, and the crowd responded really well. The vocals weren’t mixed very well, and it was practically impossible to make out any words. It was still a convivial performance.

Bleeding Knees Club! 

I’ve seen them 3 times; the first time I saw them was the 14th of April at the Factory theatre. It was in the downstairs room, it was intimate and it was insane. The most fascinating thing about BKC, is that every single person I saw at the first 2 concerts was at the third. Once you get into their music, and you go to one of their amazing shows, you don’t go back. They have a funny fandom, who I call the children of the corn. They are all beach bleached north shore boys, they all look the same, and seem to be infinitely drunk. 

Bleeding Knees Club are a simple band, with a simple ideology, which is, ironically, incredibly alluring. We are stuck in a world of music that has to be profound, it has to be a beautiful love song, or a terribly depressing lament of death. Bleeding Knees Club write uncomplicated songs that are about making out with girls, dope and having fun which is refreshing amongst muscial emotional extremities. 

When BKC came on stage, the crowd went berserk. Alex Wall doesn’t have a perfect voice. Neither does Jordan Malane, but they deliver. Their music creates this intense euphoria at gigs, which drunken teens willingly immerse themselves in. If I had to scrape around for something to complain about, it would be the length of the show. If I had it my way, it would never have ended! 

An afternoon of debauchery and good music. I can’t wait to see them again.


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  • 28 November 2012
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